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What is Awaceb?


Awaceb is an independent video game studio. It was funded in 2016 by two childhood friends Phil Crifo and Thierry Boura. We strive to make poetic, soulful games that immerse players in beautiful and original worlds.

What does Awaceb mean?


Awaceb is New Caledonian slang that roughly translates to "It's all good", or "No worries". It is pronounced Ah-Wah-Seb.

What games did you make?


Awaceb's first game, Fossil Echo, was released in 2016. At the time the dev team was just 2 people + composer & sound designers. We've grown quite a bit since then to match the scope of our new project, a much more ambitious title.

Where are you from? Where are you based?


Phil Crifo and Thierry Boura are from New Caledonia, a tiny island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The studio is based in Bordeaux, France. We also work remotely with people from all over the world, including France, Spain, Canada, The USA...

Why isn't the studio based in New Caledonia? 


Unfortunately, the remoteness, cost of living, and isolation from game dev talent pools & events made building a studio like Awaceb virtually impossible on the island. Still, we go back very regularly to visit family and to work on certain aspects of our latest project, such as voice acting and music.

Is the whole team from New Caledonia?


No. There is pretty much no game dev scene in New Caledonia, and building this large a team with only locals wasn't possible. Additionally, even though New Caledonia is in our DNA, it is vital to us to bring in sensibilities and visions from all over the world to build games that will feel universal. Currently, about 40% of the team is Neo Caledonian. We recorded music, choirs, and all the voice acting for our latest project locally, all performed by local artists.

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